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Web of Lies (part one)

27 Jun

It is my experience that people with agendas are not meant to be trusted. Not even me; especially not me.  No one even knows my real name-I am known only as Edward.

Veronica was a stunner.  That’s why I picked her-her smile and bedroom eyes were impossible to resist.  We met via an online chat room and hit it off immediately.  We traded dozens of pictures, stories, and memories.  I told her what I thought she wanted to hear and she fell in love with me.  It was quite easy, really, getting her to like me, to trust me.  Trust was a keynote in my agenda.  You see, it’s nearly impossible to seduce and rob a woman without solidifying her faith in the illusion that I am a wholesome person.  So, I had to be constantly mindful of appearances.

While I was convincing Veronica that my name was actually Edward, instead of my real name, which is Chaz, fellow liar Howard Feinstein was snaking his way across the internet, destroying all kinds of lives.

Howard lived with his beautiful wife Amelia, and their two darling children.  He made top dollar as a lawyer and had the best of everything.  The perfection of his material life was rivaled only by his iconic family.  On all fronts he had the life most every person desires.

Trouble came for Howard when his wife had the internet installed for the children.  Howard thought the internet to be an unwise purchase, at first, till he learned what it could be used for.  Howard started with soft-core pornography, just trying out this new wonderful thing he’d discovered.  In time, the computer became riddled with viruses because of Howard’s adventures and he had no place to turn but to his 16 year old son.  The boy fixed the computer, with obvious disgust and judgment on his young face.  The boy of course told his mother what the problem had been with her husband’s computer.  A vicious fight between husband and wife broke out, and continued in spurts for almost a month.

Harold responded by upping his computers’ virus protection and buying a lock for the door of the computer cabinet.  He was sure suspicions would arise, but if the wife couldn’t actually prove anything, then Howard didn’t care.  He was so unfazed he even ordered a premium hard-core porn package after things settled down a bit.  The package featured videos of the S&M variety, which turned out to be a fetish of Howard’s.

Howard’s fetish became an addiction; he called sick into work so often he was on the verge of losing his job.  He didn’t spend time with his kids, didn’t sleep with his wife.  He only watched videos and fantasized-until the day he discovered online chat.  By this time, Howard and the computer had been moved out of the master bedroom and into the guest room.  He had everything he wanted in this room, and seldom left.  He spent all his days now wandering the web in search of an internet companion who shared his sordid love of pornography.

He set up an online dating profile, his trophy wife and her tears long forgotten.  He met many interesting people, to say the least, and even found what he considered the perfect counterpart for his new found life.

To be continued…..


In the beginning….

14 Jun

I have created this blog to showcase previews of some of my short stories.  All are fiction thus far, with a few non-fiction to follow.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed creating them.  If you have an interest in any of my stories, feel free to contact me at

Happy tales dear friend.

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